Trail Connector

Sans Souci is ideally located to take advantage of Greenville’s growing network of trails and greenways.

There are three possible connection points in the community which are compatible with the Greenville County Recreation District’s Comprehensive Greenways Plan. A new spur trail in the north sector would connect Sans Souci to the north towards Travelers Rest, while in the south, another would create connectivity towards downtown Greenville. The most impactful opportunity for the residents of Sans Souci, however, exists toward the center of the community, and would enhance a path that is already being utilized to access the Swamp Rabbit Trail south of the trail’s intersection with Highway 253. The route would connect the Swamp Rabbit Trail with the potential revitalization efforts proposed for the Old Buncombe Village Center.


Due to the generosity of the property owners on Old Bleachery Rd we were able to complete a temporary trail connector with the help of volunteers during Hands on Greenville Day in May 2018. This involved clear cutting the overgrowth along a portion of the trail and a gravel path to allow for easier access. While this connector remains steep (we recommend walking your bike) it does allow for convenient and direct access to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. This access point will be maintained and cleaned by volunteers in the neighborhood and we hope to add some beautification elements during Hands on Greenville Day in 2019.

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