Sans Souci Community Plan

Our Community Plan is nearly complete!

The Sans Souci Neigborhood Alliance is working with the Greenville County Planning on a detailed Community Plan that will assist us in identifying our issues, concerns, needs, wants, and direction for the future of Sans Souci. Once completed this Plan will be on file with Greenville County for the next decade and will be used as a roadmap by the neighborhood and the County as Greenville continues to develop, grow, and change.The Plan is currently in Phase 5 of the process. The initial draft has been presented to the Greenville County Planning & Development Committee. They are reviewing the plan. There will then be three Public Hearings in the 1st quarter of 2019 before it is given final approval.

To see the Sans Souci Community Plan click here.

The first step of this was to define a geographic area as "Sans Souci" on a map.

While this area is smaller than the US Census designated area it is a reasonable and more workable (for the time being) zone that will help us more specifically identify where we are within the County and what we have so far. This map will help us focus on population & demographics, employment, crime & safety, community resources, transportation, housing, education, and services within the "zone" we have agreed to outline as Sans Souci. Overall, this process will take approximately 8 months to complete and is broken down into 5 separate phases, as follows:

  • Final Plan Preparation & Adoption

    • Based on community feedback, prepare final plan
    • Present plan to County Council for adoption
  • Draft Plan Development

    • Develop all elements of plan in draft form
    • Show how themes work together to support visions and goals
    • Provide additional public comment/feedback opportunities
  • Stakeholder Involvement

    • Create and engage highly-focused action committees
  • Vision, Principles, & Goals

    • Define and develop key themes with community input
  • Baseline Conditions

    • Update/analyze area-specific data
    • Develop detailed Community Engagement strategy
    • Identify stakeholders

We welcome your feedback, input, and observations as we continue on with this important project. Please show up at an Open Meeting. What’s important to you and your family? If you can’t make a meeting feel free to contact us any time. The more people that participate the more accurate and sustainable the Master Plan for Sans Souci will be.
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